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The last five years Mobilaris has seen tremendous growth in both revenue and size, and as we are about to close 2017 we see this growth accelerating. This year, Atlas Copco acquired 34% of our mining and tunneling business, which has created a very stable platform for our continued growth in 2018.

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Mikael Nyström talks about the journey so far, and what we expect moving forward.

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Our strategic investments in software products for the mining and tunneling sector has really paid off and as a result, the number of employees increased with 50% and the net sales nearly doubled in 2017. Rapid organic growth is challenging but with the newly recruited key personnel we are well positioned for next year.

Our software platforms scales and we see a strong demand from the market, therefore we have now started Mobilaris Industrial Solutions.

To help all current and future customers, we rapidly need to extend our team with 30 people. We believe diversity is one of the key parameters in preparing Mobilaris for even more international success.

Exciting times