Now Revolutionizing Productivity and Safety

Decision Support system for Increased workforce safety and productivity optimization.

Increase safety now

A revolution for safety

Many industries share the same safety challenges and are working hard towards a zero accidents vision. As we all know, things do not always happen according to plan and sometimes we need to make important decisions without being able to see the whole picture. But what if we can go from imagining to seeing the reality and being able to adapt to it?

Mobilaris system closes the gap between plan and reality, and enables you to prevent accidents and make fast, accurate decisions in case of an emergency.

Increase productivity through real-time awareness

With Mobilaris system you are able to have control over what is happening in every area in real-time and limit the waste of time that slows down productivity. You can also monitor the production output through sensors, machine and equipment data. Limit the down-time in production by having control of service and maintenance work and streamline production by monitoring and manage equipment in the plant.

Boost production & safety

Key Features

  • Real-time monitoring of personnel, visitors, contractors, equipment and vehicles
  • Evacuation support for increased control and streamline rescue operations
  • Contractor monitoring and work permit governance—the right people at the right place with the right competence
  • Monitoring of lone workers
  • Automated warning/notifications of safety breaches 
  • Digital zones and geofences
  • Analytics and reports for risk assessment and incident investigations
  • Proximity alert for preventing traffic accidents
  • Integration of machines, sensors, alarms, surveillance cameras and ventilation 
  • Web-based Graphical User Interface—easy deployment
Our Solution
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Designed to work in a multiple technology environment

Positioning and communication can be set up in a number of different ways. What works best in plant not be the best choice in another. Beyond that, certain technology may already be installed and in use. Because of this, Mobilaris system is technology-agnostic; it will seamlessly funnel data from multiple source technologies into one decision support system.

Mobilaris supports a multitude of technologies such as Wi-Fi (any vendor, any Wi-Fi tags), RFID (active/passive), Ultra Wide Band, GPS and as well positioning using Mobile Networks. This allows us to utilize the most cost-efficient technology to locate personnel, vehicles and equipment at any time.

Designed to be used by everyone

The Mobilaris user interface is completely web-based. It can be easily deployed and used on stationary PCs, laptops, tablets or other commercially available platforms. The main idea has always been to create a system for everyone, complete with full information control and integrity (workers, safety personnel, operational center personnel, site managers, IT departments, transport managers, truck drivers etc.)

Making the tools accessible for everyone is a key factor in boosting both productivity and increasing safety.

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