Mass Localization


Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

Mass Localization

Mounted equipment such as pumps, pump control units, electrification units, Datacom switches, fire hoses, boxes of spare parts etc. are vital resources that needs to be found quite often. To find them manually without a tagging device is very time-consuming. To tag them with an active WiFi tag or similar (in the same way as we can tag vehicles, machinery or personnel) will be very expensive.

The Mobilaris Mass Localization is a powerful invention that allows cost-efficient tracking of masses of equipment. By attaching passive RFID tags (roughly 1 – 10 USD each) on these objects and then mounting an active RFID antenna on few of the vehicles that passes most tunnels in the mine regularly (e.g. maintenance staff vehicles), we can indirectly get the position of these objects as the vehicle passes the tagged objects (as we already know the position of the vehicle).

In the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ 3D map, these equipment can be shown when there is a need to find a specific item.


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