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Saving lives matter

In close collaboration with our customers, we develop disruptive software solutions that support the digital transformation of industries all around the world. Throughout the years, many of our ideas on how to solve our customers’ challenges have resulted in solutions revolutionizing the way operations are being carried out. 

We are dedicated to deliver technology that empowers our customers and accelerates them towards smarter and safer operations – because we believe that everyone has the right to come home safely from work, every day. 

Our values


A culture of innovation, teamwork and trust

Move fast and make a difference

We believe that trust, teamwork and innovation are fundamental building blocks for moving forward and impacting the world in a positive way. Without trust there can be no teamwork, and without teamwork there is no innovation. Even if we are productive on our own, we are more creative — more innovative — together.


Trust and team work also extends to our clients, customers and partners. And innovation happens both in the process of product development and live, in the daily activities of real world operations. We are always eager to learn and improve, not just our products but the way we think and work.

“Our promise to save lives and help industries work smarter is an ambitious one, and we set a high bar for what we consider success. But that is ultimately who we are and the essence of the Mobilaris culture.”


And we believe that Insight™ is key.

Insight™ is key

Teamwork and trust

Openness is a fundamental design principle

To us, openness translates to three values.

First, we are technology-agnostic with regards to communication and positioning infrastructure. You don’t need a special flavor, or a special brand; we’ll build our solution on top of whatever infrastructure you have. 

Second, we integrate and interoperate with any and all systems that help maximize customer value. Our software platform was designed for this, and we have an automated and highly scalable process for this purpose. With the aim of being a future-proof solution for the customer.

Finally, we hold a firm belief that any industrial internet vision—whether we are talking about a paper mill, a mine, or any other business—requires all participants to open up and allow data to be shared.

That is how a well-functioning marketplace works, and that is also what the data marketplace of the future will look like.


Integrate and interoperate

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