20 years of innovation

Our History

The world’s first location-based service platform

Mobilaris was founded in Sweden in 1999, as a group of people from Telia recognized a market demand for positioning services, and the opportunity to develop a revolutionising application in this field. With Telia as the first customer, Mobilaris partnered with Ericsson to develop the world’s first location-based service platform, which launched in 2000.

The World's First

“What has always been true is that we’ve developed our products in close collaboration with our customers. We get on board and familiarize ourselves with every aspect of their day, every concern, and then we start solving their problems as if they were our own.”

Daniel Enström, CEO Mobilaris Group

Emergency Call Location

In 2003 Mobilaris expanded into non-commercial applications. A primary driver for this was the need for emergency dispatch and rescue services to be able to locate where an emergency call is coming from.

As the platform and its capabilities became more advanced, Mobilaris brought their unique brand of innovation to the field of Intelligence Support Solutions and Lawful Intercept. At this point one common denominator could be recognized across all Mobilaris’ products: saving lives.

Continued development in the Intelligence Support community would eventually lead to a comprehensive new public safety platform, a system for proactive and intelligent crowd-control which was announced to the market in 2012.


Mining Intelligence™ & Mobilaris Group

In 2013, Mobilaris announced Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™, a location-based decision support technology based on an entirely new core technology called Insight™. This time, Mobilaris addressed the mining industry’s dire need for increased efficiency and safety. Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ would prove to be a true game-changer for heavy underground industry, and a significant success for Mobilaris as a company.


Between 2013 and 2017 Mobilaris grew 800% and in 2017 a new organizational structure was implemented as Epiroc (former Atlas Copco) acquired 34% of Mobilaris’ mining industry business. Mobilaris Group was established, with three subsidiaries.

In December 2017, Mobilaris announced a new subsidiary and target industry, Mobilaris Industrial Solutions.

In November 2021, Mobilaris MCE was fully aquired by Epiroc who thereby went from a 34% to 100% ownership – a natural step to take the offering of MCE to the next level and support the ongoing digital transformation of the global mining industry.

In January 2022, Mobilaris Group announces that the journey continues with focus on accelerating the industrial transformation for a sustainable future – by becoming the leading IndTech investment hub in the north of Scandinavia. The offer of Mobilaris Industrial Solutions to be broadened to include digital site coordination, efficiency and safety.

Expect more to come… 


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