The sustainable world of Mobilaris


Technology for a sustainable future

At Mobilaris, we are dedicated to deliver disruptive technology that empowers customers and accelerates them towards safer, more efficient, and sustainable operations. 

We develop digital solutions that approach sustainability in three different areas – Environment, Safety, and People. They usually influence each other and create a positive chain effect that is good for the future and good for the business. While our technology makes the greatest impact at our customers’ sites it does not mean that our responsibility ends there. We strive to ensure that our business is responsible and promote sustainability in our own operations.


The transition initiative

Our customers operate in industries that push society forward, but account for a large number of the world’s emissions. But also the minerals and products we need to keep pushing society forward. Shutting down operations is not an alternative. So, therefore we’re supporting them to let’s change the way they to operate smarter.

By providing the tools necessary for digital transformation, we help our customers track, analyze, understand, and reduce their carbon footprint and join the sustainable transition.


We are committed to driving positive change in three areas

  • globe

    We develop technology that enables companies to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption, and also improve resource efficiency. Our climate responsibility extends to our own operations as well and our office is built to meet the highest sustainability standards with net-zero energy consumption.

  • miners-helmet

    We deliver a variety of solutions that protect people in the most demanding industrial and mining environments, all around the world. Our solutions are proven to reduce workforce-related accidents and traffic collisions, and in the case of an emergency, reduce the time to get people to safety.

  • person-location

    We believe that information should be for everyone, and our technology empowers people to make smarter decisions by having reliable information at hand. This creates transparent, less stressful, and inclusive working environments, which extend from our customers’ operations to our own.

Climate-smart product development

Sustainability is rooted in our core values and in the way we do business. We want to ensure that Mobilaris is sustainable in every possible aspect and complies with high social, ethical, and environmental standards. We develop our products from a sustainability standpoint and add features that can help our customers accelerate towards more sustainable operations.


  • Daniel Enström
    “For years, our solutions have been used in the most demanding environments, making high performance effortless. We are proud of our history and what our technology has enabled so far. But we are confident that we can do much more and that our technology is a key enabler for a sustainable future.”
    Daniel Enström CEO, Mobilaris Group

Sustainability as a business strategy

A sustainable workplace

We want to be a workplace that takes care of our people and the environment. Therefore, we have built Mobilaris Innovation Center, our headquarters, and the heart of our company. It is the most sustainable office building in northern Sweden, achieving net zero primary energy, which means that the house generates as much energy through renewable energy as the house needs for heating, cooling, hot water and property electricity. Solar panels on the roof supplies the house with electricity and outside charging stations and cycle racks encourage alternative transportations.

Safety and health

We will, at all times, ensure the safety and health of our employees. That is done by providing a good working environment and working conditions, promoting education and activities for health and personal growth. We ensure that our personnel is continually educated in safety standards to ensure safe working conditions when visiting various customer sites, all around the world.   

Diversity makes us better

We strive to create a transparent, empowering and inclusive workplace, extending from our headquarters to our employees around the world. A workplace where everyone has equal opportunity to reach their full potential. By welcoming people with different perspectives and backgrounds, we believe that we grow as a company, as a team and as individuals.

  • Sandra Ström
    “At Mobilaris, we want to foster an inclusive, transparent, and empowering work environment where people can grow personally and professionally for a sustainable working life – and we believe that Mobilaris Innovation Center is just the place for it.”
    Sandra Ström CMO, Mobilaris Group

Join us and make a difference

Mobilaris is made by people. Good People. Every one of us lives by the code of being good; to each other, the society, and the environment. It is why we chose to develop cutting-edge technology that protect people and the planet.

The World of Mobilaris

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