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Real-Time Maintenance Management

Our solution – Real-Time Maintenance Management

Limit the down-time in production during shutdowns by having control of service and maintenance work. Streamline production by monitoring and manage equipment in the plant. Monitor what is happening in every area in real-time and limit the time-waste.

How it works

By having control of what is happening in real-time at the site you can have control over scheduled work, such as maintenance shutdowns, and reduce the waste of time.

Real-time Maintenance Management™ is introduced in steps:

Bring the maintenance plan into the hands of the people involved

The Mobilaris Industrial Intelligence™ system provides real-time information about the status of ongoing work and the position of people and activities. This information is sent to the visualization layer to give a situational overview of all ongoing, planned or “the history of completed” work mapped on a 2D or 3D map and a Gantt chart. By measuring this stream of real-time data the system provides input data for further analysis.

Optimize a maintenance shutdown by finding and eliminating wasted time

With input data such as the maintenance plan, the outcomes of previous shutdowns and completed activities in the ongoing shutdown, the system works out Key Performance Indicators showing the efficiency of the shutdown. Of particular interest is to find out how much time is spent on direct work, how much is spent on necessary preparations and how much is wasted time. The capability to simulate the execution of the shutdown beforehand and work out the time waste makes the system a tool for optimizing maintenance shutdowns.

Eliminate time searching for things

With its easy-to-use interface, Mobilaris Industrial IntelligenceTM makes it possible to quickly locate machines, tools, vehicles, material and points of interest and eliminates time wasted searching for things. It can be a big help both during daily operations and maintenance shutdowns in situations where there are an increased number of contractors and ongoing work on site.

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