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About us

Our offer to underground industries is based on our decision support system for mines and tunnels – Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™  which we have installations for mines and large tunnels throughout the world.

Addressing Production Efficiency

By providing Real-time Situational Awareness by tracking personnel, equipment, vehicles and machines and presenting this in a 3D map, a lot of low hanging fruit can be solved as the right decisions can be made more often and faster.

By adding an integration of machine, production and maintenance data from mixed fleets of machines and correlating these with the planning data, your production can become much more efficient and you can replan during a working shift as well as maximize machine utilization.

By using the Mobilaris Onboard™ innovation, you´ll leverage the situation awareness to all of your staff at the same time as traffic congestions can be avoided with help of our Traffic Awareness feature that utilizes our latest innovation – the Mobilaris Hybrid Positioning™.

These are just some examples of how we can help you getting high value out of your digitalized mine.


Safety initiatives

By providing special developed situation awareness features for mine emergency situations, rescue leaders can shorten the response time significantly – saving lives!

By post analysing emergencies with the help of our history viewer, you can learn from history and trim your procedures to become even better.

Our approach is Openness

To us, openness translates to three values. First, we are technology-agnostic with regards to communication and tracking infrastructure.

Second, we integrate and interoperate with any and all systems that help maximize customer value. It might be resource planning systems, any machining system, ventilation system or sensors. Our software platform was designed for this, and we have an automated and highly scalable process for this purpose.

Finally, we hold a firm belief that any industrial internet vision-whether we are talking about a mine, or any other business-requires all participants to open up and allow data to be shared.

A culture of innovation, teamwork and trust – move fast and make a difference

We believe that trust, teamwork and innovation are fundamental building blocks for moving forward and impacting the world in a positive way. Our product offering is built in close cooperation with early-adopter customers to ensure maximum end-user benefit and core customer value.

Our journey on helping mines all over the world to dramatically increase both production efficiency and safety has just begun.

Expect more to come.

Management – Mobilaris MCE AB

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