Improvements by Analytics

Tunneling Productivity

Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence™

Make data count

Without productivity analytics, improvements are done in the blind. What you can measure, you can stabilize, what you can stabilize, you can improve. The core of any decision support system is data. How to get it, how to process it and how to use it back into the process at hand. Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence™ is designed to use data in all parts of the application. Every piece of data that pass through our system is analyzed and put into a context relevant for the tunnel. We visualize the result on different levels in both KPI measures and reports.

  • Location statistics and analysis
  • Statistics on machine utilization
  • Delay Code statistics
  • Benchmarking of evacuation drills
  • Time Usage Model
  • Scheduling efficiency
  • Face utilization

Our face utilization model enables you to continuously monitor the outcome and track productivity in the most meaningful measure of all: how large portion of your production capability that is being use in the tunnel.

Time Usage Model

A tunneling project is not a one-way street. There are many steps in the tunneling cycle, but only so much time.

What if we could make up for lost time by knowing the exact cause of it? Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence™ covers all vehicles and activities in the tunneling cycle, letting you know what is happening at every sequence of the work order in progress.

Our Time Usage Model calculates mobilization and demobilization time and activity time for all activities monitored. Together with delay code statistics, this will give you the facts to base your decisions on for process improvements.

Tunneling Productivity

  • project-status-visualisation
    Project Status Visualization

    Give your workforce real-time awareness of the project progress and positioning of vehicles and equipment.

  • computer
    Short Interval Control

    Improve efficiency by going from just monitoring a work order to becoming operational and reschedule shifts.

  • graph
    Improvements by Analytics

    Enables you to continuously monitor the face utilization outcome and track productivity.

Tunneling Sustainability

  • miners-helmet

    Improve efficiency by going from just monitoring a work order to becoming operational and reschedule shifts.

  • medical-file
    Workforce health

    Take control over the ventilation with geofencing and machines and give your workforce better air quality and working environment.

  • globe-stand

    Use real-time updates and alarms from sensors to keep track of your CO2 foot-print and water consumption.

  • award

    Improve accuracy of quality reporting and reduce administration costs with standardized formats, avoiding human mistakes.

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