Mobilaris Event Automation™

Bring the power of automation to the mine

The Mobilaris Event Automation™ is an extremely versatile tool for creating event triggers based on virtually any data produced by Mobilaris systems or other integrated systems. With Mobilaris Event Automation™ you can do things that normally would require expensive industrial automation systems, and more.

With Mobilaris Event Automation™ we bring the power of automation to the mine. By using data such as position, tag status and work activity state any number of automation flows can be created. Some examples are:

  • Trigger automatic ramp announcements for vehicles going down.
  • Send an alert if maximum number of people in an area is reached.
  • Send an SMS to me if my tag is low on battery.
  • Calculate amount of air needed for Ventilation on Demand.
  • Send out a warning if I enter an area with remote controlled loaders.
  • Count cycle times and number of cycles for my trucks.
  • Notify 3:rd party systems if an Emergency Evacuation is initiated

All event automation flows are configured using a graphical web interface. Customized Mobilaris nodes provides an easy interface to create triggers based on for example zone changes or emergency messages. For 3:rd party integrations a vast library of nodes exist for most standard interfaces.

Event triggers can highlight events on assets in the Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ map or be pushed to a 3:rd party system such as a material handling system or a database. Simple dashboards can be built directly in the Mobilaris Event Automation™ platform, or reports can be emailed at pre-defined intervals.

Mobilaris Event Automation Support services

Our customers can create customer specific use-cases on their own or use Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering for this service. We can also verify customer automation flows and assist with integrations against 3:rd party systems upon request.



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