Mobilaris In-Shift Production Monitoring™

It is all about the shift

Whenever something does not go as planned during the working shift, it is very important to mitigate the situation and “save the shift” as soon as possible. This requires good teamwork and a broader awareness in the team about the location of the team members and machines, their production and operational status as well as the status of the shift’s production goals.

A team can become more empowered by the unique situational awareness that Mobilaris PocketMine™ enables, but the In-Shift Production Monitoring™ feature will add more to this in a new mobile application including things such as:

  • Vital real-time KPIs for the shift (constructed by the Mobilaris Productivity Analytics™ engine)
  • Visualization of machine operational status and, possibly, consumables status
  • Visualization of the progress of the work tasks

This also facilitates proactivity. One example is that by being aware that consumables are about to run out, a shift supervisor can act proactively to prevent this from becoming a real problem; e.g., he can send someone with additional rock-bolts to a bolter that is about to run out of bolts.

An operator in the Mining Operation Center can become more operative as the current status of the shift’s progress is updated on the 3D map in real time. Whenever a disturbance or deviation is identified, activities can be rescheduled or mitigated in order to “save the shift”.

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