Mobilaris Onboard™

A disruptive product that is changing the underground mining world

With Mobilaris Onboard™ inside in a vehicle, you will have a mobile “radar” showing any incoming traffic – enabling you to avoid traffic congestions and highlight the best route to your destination. The Mobilaris Onboard™ acts just like a car navigator but without any need for a dedicated tracking infrastructure. This is possible due to the new disruptive innovation Mobilaris Hybrid positioning™ (pat. pend.). Additionally, with Mobilaris Onboard™ being connected to the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ back-end, any miner can know what is going on in the mine. This is true situational awareness for everyone. A huge step forward for underground mining as you will have all information available at your fingertips.

Welcome to the future of underground mining.

Mobilaris Onboard™ and Mobilaris Hybrid Positioning™

Mobilaris Hybrid Positioning™ is a disruptive innovation that changes underground mining. It is based upon cutting-edge sensor fusion, artificial intelligence, advanced mathematics and allows for self-sustained positioning of a vehicle with 5-10 meters accuracy – without any dedicated infrastructure for positioning.

It does not require any specialized or costly hardware. Instead, it is designed to run on a standard Android tablet. Using the Mobilaris Hybrid Positioning™ technology, the new Mobilaris Onboard™ tablet acts just like a GPS-enabled car navigator underground.- Now anyone can navigate to a location or to a moving asset without any specific knowledge about the mine.

Traffic Awareness

With Mobilaris Onboard™ mounted inside a vehicle, you get a virtual “radar” that warns you about any other vehicles coming your way. Since Mobilaris Onboard™ knows about all assets in the mine, who is moving in what direction, together with its own location and direction with an accuracy of 5-10 meters, we can create an early warning before a potential traffic situation occurs. This lets you sort out the situation before it becomes a problem.

We call this new feature Traffic Awareness. We are confident that Traffic Awareness solves most of your traffic congestion issues without any additional infrastructure for high-precision positioning or traffic management solutions. The principle is simple but powerful: if two vehicles meet and both drivers see each other, they will know directly who has the right of way and which vehicle has priority.

Underground Navigation

With Mobilaris Onboard™ any miner will be able to know what is going on in the mine. Whether you would like to know the ETA of a certain mine truck, the location of a drill rig, the whereabouts of maintenance personnel or the location of a water pump, you are now able to have all the information at your fingertips. Mobilaris Onboard™ gets all the real-time information about personnel, equipment and vehicles from the centralized Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ solution. All information, including mine maps, is shown in 3D and is locally stored so that you can use it even when you are out of network coverage.

Just like a car GPS, anyone can navigate to a location or to a moving asset without any specific knowledge about the environment. The best route will be highlighted in the 3D map for easy turn-by-turn navigation.

If there is a network connection available, the precise position of the vehicle is sent to the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ system so it can be seen by everyone else. In fact, giving Mobilaris Onboard™ to miners will dramatically increase transparency and empowerment.

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