Mobilaris Operator Client™

Mobilaris Operator Client™ is the operator’s best friend. With a digital tool in hands the operator can focus on the work. The operator will always have an updated list of planned work tasks dispatched to the application. Progress and issues are reported by the operator digitally in real-time reducing the need of radio contact.

  • Personnel Centric/Equipment Centric
  • Checklists
  • Workplace Status View
  • Notes
  • Supports planned and unplanned work tasks
  • Reporting of actuals
  • Hierarchal Delay codes

With Mobilaris Operator Client™ the operator can perform the checklist digitally at the start of the shift or before start of the work task. The operator can execute both planned and unplanned work tasks and continuously report the status to the control room. When problems occur, the operator can report this time as unplanned maintenance/break-down or operational delay. Information will be visible for the control room and will be valuable when analyzing the time usage on the resources.

With the Workplace View the operators will have the same information as the control room, knowing the status of workplaces of interest. Information can be shared within the team using Notes and the operator will get more involved in the more transparent workflow. With increasing involvement by the operators, the overall productivity is increased as well.

Utilization API

With the utilization API it is possible to implement you can start to address questions like: How well do we utilize the workplaces and equipment? What are the main reasons to unplanned maintenance? What are the main reasons why the operator needs to paus ongoing activities? What machine is performing worse than the average? Utilization diagrams can be created using different business intelligence tools.


Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering has a history of successful integrations; Mobilaris Planning & Scheduling™ is no exception. The solution is successfully integrated with Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ and Mobilaris Event Automation™.

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