Mobilaris Planning & Scheduling™

Closing the loop between planning and reality

The Mobilaris Planning & Scheduling™ solution is a one-stop shop for task management, consisting of four building blocks:

Mobilaris Scheduler™ – Planning tool with configurable activities, quantities and templates for short term shift planning. Compliance to plan can be followed in an easy way with the graphical representation of the actual status on workplaces and equipment, including potential delays.

Mobilaris Operator Client™ – Mobile App for Android devices running inside of the equipment allowing operators to report status of planned and unplanned work tasks without need of any radio contact with control room operators.

Mixed fleet machine data integration – Integration with Mobilaris Machine Data Service™ allows feedback from machines that enables real-time analytics and in-shift production monitoring of telematic data.

Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ – Planning & Scheduling data can be integrated with Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ and gives a stunning overview of the real-time status of workplaces. The plan, actual and potential delays on workplaces are visualized in the 3D map and gives the control room operator a tool to view and act on exceptions.

Altogether, the planning & scheduling solution from Mobilaris allows mining supervisors to plan and manage tasks throughout a single shift more efficiently, going from just monitoring to becoming operational by real-time feedback on completed work, or as we say – closing the loop between planning and reality.


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Run your mine at its full potential – Close the loop between planning and reality

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