Mobilaris PocketMine™

The Mobilaris PocketMine™ allows any miner to have superior situational awareness right in their own pocket. Information is no longer a unique prerogative for personnel in the mining control center. Instead, it is a tool that is available for anyone in the mine.

With Mobilaris PocketMine™, everybody will be able to know what is going on in the mine. Whether you would like to know the ETA of a certain mine truck, the location of a drill rig, the whereabouts of maintenance personnel or the position of a water pump, you will be able to have all the right information at your fingertips.

Running on standard Android smartphones, Mobilaris PocketMine™ gets all the real-time information about personnel, equipment and vehicles from the centralized Mobilaris Situational Awareness™ server. All asset information, including mine maps, is shown in 3D and stored locally, so that you can use it even when you are out of network coverage.

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