Mobilaris Productivity Analytics™

With Mobilaris Mining Intelligence as the focal point of information management, insight from data is always at your fingertips. Mobilaris Productivity Analytics™ gives you that insight in several different areas, such as machine utilization, face utilization, cycle times, traffic flow analysis, time utilization models, material tracking, planning accuracy and more.


Our software is built in such a way that it can fit your choice of data processing and analytics. Being open, two different operating modes are possible.

  1. Do it all in MMI. Integrate with all data sources, store it indefinitely in our highly scalable data platform, visualize the KPIs in customized dashboards and reports.
  2. Let MMI be part of your data platform, integrating with selected data sources, format the data and pass it on via open APIs to your main data platform of choice.

No matter which way you go, MMI productivity analytics will follow you along. This is analytics for mining done in the right way.

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