Real-time Situational Awareness

It's all about face utilization

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™

Real-time Situational Awareness

Just face it, it is the face utilization that matters. Underground mining is a complex process with many logistical challenges.

In a non digitalized mine without systems like Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™, it is not unusual that people are wasting time searching for machines, searching for pieces of equipment, waiting at traffic congestions in narrow tunnels, waiting for supplies, waiting for transports etc.

All this together results in a lot of wasted time which drives the face utilization down.

At the forefront of Mining Industry innovation, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ represents a better and more efficient way to increase your production and stay ahead of the competition.

Instead of just a scanned, “dead” 2D picture of one part of the mine, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ provides a 3D real-time information model where not only the position of machines, vehicles or personnel are presented but additionally many other information sources from shift planning data to machine and production data or any other sensors.

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ is just like a Google for your Mine that enables an unprecedented opportunity for mining personnel to make the right decisions faster than ever at normal operations as well as during emergency situations. Just by using a web browser, any personnel with the appropriate access rights can use the very intuitive real-time 3D visualization of the mine.

situational awareness

A real-time scalable decision support system

We believe that the key to creating cutting edge technologies is to remain open and inclusive. That is why Mining Intelligence™ is compatible with legacy systems and whatever new technology that the future brings.

As an operator in a Mine Operation Centre, once you started using this system, we guarantee that you cannot live without it.

In order to track any machines, vehicles and personnel in real-time, you can use tags from any vendor, including our own, and use a multitude of different technologies. Wifi, cellular, RFID , UWB or others. It all depends on what kind of positioning accuracy you aim for and what infrastructure that is already available for re-use.

Using passive RFID tags, massive amounts of equipment can be tracked in a cost efficient way using our Mass-Localization feature.

All data is stored in a massive database enabling KPI tracking, reports and more advanced analytic capabilities finding anomalies, patterns and similarities.

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ addresses both
Production Efficiency and Safety initiatives. Here are some benefits:

  • bell
    Real-time Situational Awareness

    Fix those low hanging fruits that just waste time and lowers face utilization.

  • fan
    Ventilation On Demand

    We let the presence of machines control the ventilation which is very fast to setup remotely.

  • computer
    Short Interval Control

    From just being monitoring to become operational and able to replan during a shift.

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    Emergency Evacuation

    Save lives by shorten the time to evacuate the mine in the case of an emergency.

  • forklift
    Optimized Machine Utilization

    Analyze integrated machine data vs plan to optimize your machine utilzation.

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    Mass Localization

    Another low hanging fruit that locates equipment in a very cost-efficient way.

  • traffic-light
    Traffic Awareness

    Minimizing traffic congestions and make your transports smooth and safe

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    Improvements by Analytics

    Enables you to continuously monitor the face utilization outcome and track productivity.