Short Interval Control

Tunneling Productivity

Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence™

Short Interval Control

Close the loop between planning and reality

We integrate planning data from a separate planning system, or MTI Scheduler, then integrate it with machine data from mixed fleet into Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence™. Therefore, we know the plan, we know where the resources are and what they are doing in real-time. This optimizes both planning and the re-planning due to real-time changes. Customer value can be created by closing the loop between planning and reality – going from just monitoring to becoming real-time operational.

Using the Mobilaris Operator Client™, machine operators get their planned activities directly as they are created or updated. When the operator starts, pauses or marks an activity as finished, the actuals are sent directly back to the planning system. Hence the management personnel does not get overloaded by masses of manual work but instead, allowing them to solve or handle the real problems rapidly and smooth.

Optimized Machine Utilization

Integration with machine data from mixed fleets and visualizing their health and operational status allows improved machine utilization. By looking at how machines are operated compared to the plan, important production related KPI’s can be obtained to improve operations. By analyzing how the machines are operated in different areas of the tunnel, better planning templates can be obtained.

Tunneling Productivity

  • project-status-visualisation
    Project Status Visualization

    Give your workforce real-time awareness of the project progress and positioning of vehicles and equipment.

  • computer
    Short Interval Control

    Improve efficiency by going from just monitoring a work order to becoming operational and reschedule shifts.

  • graph
    Improvements by Analytics

    Enables you to continuously monitor the face utilization outcome and track productivity.

Tunneling Sustainability

  • miners-helmet

    Improve efficiency by going from just monitoring a work order to becoming operational and reschedule shifts.

  • medical-file
    Workforce health

    Take control over the ventilation with geofencing and machines and give your workforce better air quality and working environment.

  • globe-stand

    Use real-time updates and alarms from sensors to keep track of your CO2 foot-print and water consumption.

  • award

    Improve accuracy of quality reporting and reduce administration costs with standardized formats, avoiding human mistakes.

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