Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering offers a set of various Wi-Fi tags that enables effective localization of personnel and mobile equipment (such as vehicles or machinery) within a Wi-Fi network. These tags transmit a beacon signal in certain intervals to the Wi-Fi access points network. Using special algorithms, the information is used to determine the position of each tag. All tags are configured, managed and monitored from Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ systems. The tags can be remotely Over the Air (OTA) updated whenever needed.

Depending on specific needs and technology, we offer a variety of tags.

Mobilaris Cap Lamp Tag™

Mobilaris Cap Lamp Tag™ is designed to be mounted in a cordless cap lamp. It is design to draw a very limited amount of power from the cap lamp battery to operate. When fully integrated with a smart cap lamp it can be used for receiving emergency evacuation notifications from Mobilaris Emergency Support™. In case of an emergency, the lamp will start to blink and the miner can acknowledge a message by pressing the cap lamp button.

Mobilaris Vehicle Tag™

The Mobilaris Vehicle Tag™ is a robust rubber moulded tag designed to be mounted on mining vehicles. It draws power from the vehicle battery and can detect and report if the vehicle is running or not.

Mobilaris Long Life Personal Tag™

Mobilaris Long Life Personal Tag™ is equipped with a powerful battery with a life cycle of up to three years. It comes with two multi-functional push-buttons (P1 and P2) and a led indicator. The tag has a battery saving mechanism that can put the tag into sleep mode by decreasing the blink rate and by that increasing the battery time.


As our product suite Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is technology-agnostic, we can work with most WiFi tags on the market but also offer our own WiFi tags. Currently, we have personal, rugged vehicle and cap-lamp tags. All the Mobilaris tags can be managed and updated over the air from MMI.


We can work with most LTE/BLE tags on the market, but we also have a powerful multi-technology solution called the VTAG (see below).

Mobilaris Virtual Tag™

A unique multi-technology solution for seamless tracking underground, on surface and indoors.  Mobilaris Virtual Tag is a mobile app running in the background of your Android smartphone. The tag supports four technologies: LTE, BLE, Wi-Fi and GPS.


We mainly use RFID technology to tag mass amounts of miscellaneous items in a cost-efficient way. Examples of such items are pumps, pump control units, electrification units, datacom switches, fire hoses, boxes of spare parts, etc. These are vital resources that need to be found often and quickly. With the Mass-localization feature, these kinds of items can now be tracked in a cost-efficient way.
Administration of the Mobilaris tags can be done centrally from MMI and there is also a tag kiosk for easy check-in/check-out of tags.

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