Do you feel comfortably safe?


A disruptive innovation that enables a paradigm shift in underground safety

Everyone knows that in stressful times such as an underground fire or collapse, people are prone to make mistakes and sometimes even fatal mistakes. It can be very stressful to know which way you should take to get to the nearest refuge chamber. In the case of a fire, smoke spreads fast and it can become hard to know your way even for experienced miners. For new employees or visitors, the situation is much worse and the risk to take the wrong way is high.

With the Mobilaris Onboard™ mounted inside a vehicle, at any given time, you can press the refuge chamber button to get a list over the three closest refuge chambers. In the list you will also get information if they are ahead or behind you. Even as the nearest refuge chamber might be behind you and the second closest refuge chamber is ahead of you, it might be faster to continue forward. When you have decided which one to take, just click on them to get a proposed navigation route instantly in a split second.



Do you feel comfortably safe?



At last, when you have found a refuge chamber, imagine the difference between sitting in it without much information about what is happening and having a Mobilaris Onboard™ tablet at your hands showing the progress of the mine evacuation.

This is only one example on the value of getting tools for miners. In the same way, you can search for anything and get a proposed route to that destination or moving object.

Since the advent of the Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ Emergency Support feature, we have seen 25% decrease of the evacuation time. With Mobilaris Onboard™, we expect this to become even better.

Expect more to come!

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Written by Hans Wahlquist +46 70 534 88 62



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