How do you handle workforce safety today?


I would say that most companies we meet argue that they put workforce safety first. And I have no reason to doubt their intentions! This is serious matters that everyone wants and needs to be on top of.

The workforce safety work is still today, in many cases, based on working on developing safety procedures that the employees are trained to follow. This is all good and should not be replaced.

A strong trend for the last decade is digital transformation. It has transformed numerous business and, to be honest, made many value chains vastly more efficient and thus improved. We are only in the beginning of the digital transformation era, and there are still many areas that will go through that process. We are confident that workforce safety is one of them.

Digitalized workforce safety will not, and should not, replace the work to develop effective safety and health procedures and training. We at Mobilaris believe that digitalized workforce safety adds an important element of real-time control and situational awareness that significantly help with decision making when a hazardous situation occur. Take evacuation as an example, how much easier wouldn’t the follow up of a mass evacuation be if you we able to see were all employees and contractors are?  

Real-time workforce safety help to automate safety. Digital fences can be set around danger zones and machines. And if someone by mistake cross these fences, warnings and notifications can be sent to anyone that can help avoid the emerging accident with extremely short latency.

All of this can be done today, and many companies may, without knowing it, already invest in enabling technologies for real-time workforce safety! These technologies may be RFID readers potentially deployed for security reasons, wifi-networks that is deployed for allowing for ubiquitous internet connections for laptops or other equipment. The trick here is to integrate existing infrastructures and systems and add a few elements to allow for the next step of workforce safety systems.

Where are you in your workforce safety work? Still on procedures on paper?

Follow us into the future of workforce safety taking the steps to create situational awareness and safety automation towards the end-goal were we believe that each individual will have a digital representation around which a virtual personal safety zone is established based on work routines, habits, preferences and collected machine learning insights.

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