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Luleå-based Mobilaris started another subsidiary in December 2017 – Mobilaris Industrial Solutions AB – as part of the company’s international growth.

When Mobilaris was founded in 1999 they pioneered a number of different types of positioning services based on information already available in the mobile network. Through early investments in the platform and the ambition to always be at the forefront of technology, Mobilaris gained a leading position in business-critical decision support systems for both security and productivity for government, mining and industrial companies around the world.

Mobilaris Industrial Solutions is aimed to revolutionize safety and efficiency for the industry. The system is based on Mobilaris’ existing mining and tunneling platform that enables real-time positioning of personnel, vehicles and equipment, visualized in a 3D interface. Today, Mobilaris has deployed their systems in every continent, with clients like LKAB, Boliden, Rio Tinto, Barrick, Agnico Eagle and the Swedish Transport Administration.

Focusing on additional industries is a natural step for Mobilaris, as more segments share the same challenges as the mining and tunneling industry. For example, the process industry has a long history of occupational accidents, with both deaths and serious personal injures as a consequence. This has led to many industries working hard to increase safety and many of them have a vision zero for accidents. Mobilaris strive to help industries reach their vision zero through their systems, and the potential market for these industries is huge. Even the logistical challenges are similar to each other; where materials and machines are located, the need for traffic management and to minimize unnecessary waiting time that will prolong work efforts.

“The industry is currently moving from word to action in terms of digitalization; maturity and receptiveness to using new technology has dramatically increased over the past two years. We develop technology-leading services and have managed to show the importance of our system for both the safety and efficiency of mines and tunnels. But other industries have the same challenges, and we’re currently implementing installations in several major industrial groups. We’re very pleased with what we see so far. We have a proven platform and a very exciting roadmap with several new industry-adapted applications. New technology enables positioning of the plant’s indoor and outdoor environments, different floors, around dangerous machines, etc, with an accuracy of under half a meter (~20 inches) – enabling a big step towards an industry’s vision zero. Our goal is to develop applications and services that change the way our customers work. To be able do this you need a thorough understanding of their business, combined with the capacity for continuous innovation”, says Andreas Ericson, CEO of Mobilaris Industrial Solutions AB.

Mobilaris is based in Luleå, a city under constant development. Luleå University of Technology is a reputable education and research hub, and the growing number of data centers (Facebook among them) promotes a concentration of technological excellence and experience.

Meet Mobilaris at UNDERHÅLL 2018 and listen to Andreas Ericson

For more information, please contact:
Andreas Ericson – CEO at Mobilaris Industrial Solutions AB 
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