Mobilaris is expanding in every possible way



Time really flies by. One and a half years ago, we announced that our new home Mobilaris Innovation Center was on its way. The most sustainable office building in the north of Sweden, and a new place for business growth, innovation, and exciting collaborations.  

And now we are finally here. Only two months away from moving into the Mobilaris Innovation Center, we are all beyond excited! It will serve as a meeting ground for growing businesses, academia, and innovators. At Mobilaris, we believe that when the right people come together, anything is possible. To connect with others and boost innovation and growth – the community-driven workspace will offer regular activities for business-, competence-, and social growth. Here, we will have the right space for our expansion and the exciting opportunities that lay ahead.


Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering is going up a level!

Ever since its launch back in 2012, Mobilaris MCE has focused on the underground mining industry, enabling more sustainable and efficient operations. Our digital solutions are well-proven in the most demanding environments all around the world, from the Swedish ore mines to South Africa, Australia, and Chile. They have, in many ways, revolutionized the way that underground operations are being carried out. It is time to go up a level! 

We can now reveal that we are taking our offering up to the surface. Mobilaris Surface Mining is going to serve as a new business area under the Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering flag and adress the safety and efficiency issues of, for instance, open-pit mining. It will be joined by Mobilaris Tunneling, which will become a new business area that we will expand, focusing on complex tunneling and infrastructure projects.

The two new business areas have seen some great results from the first customer pilots, and they are now ready to expand further as we see a strong infrastructure development.

Also, stay tuned for some unique mining products to be launched this fall.


Meet your new industrial companion

Good friends can be hard to come by, especially in such a demanding environment as the heavy industry. They have faced many hard-fought safety challenges on their journey to reach the Zero Accidents Vision, longing for new innovative, even ground-breaking, solutions. 


In May, Mobilaris Industrial Solutions presented the Mobilaris Companion™ to increase workforce safety for Industry 4.0. It is the most advanced multipurpose safety device ever made, co-developed in partnership with Ericsson and Sigma Connectivity. Mobilaris Companion™ is the first IoT device to combine 5G, UWB, and other potent technologies for positioning of people, vehicles, and moving assets – with the same accuracy inside and outside. Complex safety has never been so simple. The reception has been fantastic, and Companion has already generated several new customer prospects.

Join our journey

New technologies, new business areas and more customers than ever before call for even more talented team members to be part of our journey, people who want to make a difference and thrive in an international, forward-thinking environment. If you want to work with the latest technology in close collaboration to customers world-wide, we would love to have you onboard!

As of now, we are filling up the last few square meters of the Mobilaris Innovation Center. And perhaps you are looking for some office space with an innovative pulse? Not only do we offer our hospitality and a modern facility, but a community where you are guaranteed to thrive. It will hold workshops, networking events, and joint training sessions. It is, when you think about it, more of a home than an office.

The Mobilaris Group is continuing to grow on the global market. Today, we have installations on five continents. Every day, our digital solutions are making high performance effortless in the most demanding environments. We take pride in calling ourselves world-leading, but it is a description that is earned, not given. We are also happy to see how our home, the Northern Sweden, is becoming more and more recognized as a great place to live and work. Local businesses are expanding, and the industries of tomorrow are becoming the settlers our region needs for further expansion.

So, it goes without saying that we will continue to grow here in Luleå, to be part of the growing business landscape and the improving innovative culture. We will continue to be brave, and continuously challenge ourselves to think in entirely new ways to accelerate our technology leadership in order to provide great customer value.

Big things are coming. I am confident that you will hear more from us sooner than later. Stay tuned!

Mikael Nyström, CEO, Mobilaris 
Phone: +46 70 524 65 86