Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is now available for global use

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Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is now available for the global market. Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is a position-based decision support system that opens up a new world of intelligent underground mining, significantly increasing safety and productivity. It provides superior situational awareness based on real-time positioning and information on vehicles, equipment and personnel together with integration of other information sources, all presented together in 3D. Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is technology-agnostic; it will seamlessly funnel data from multiple positioning technologies into one decision support system. This allows us to utilize the most cost-efficient technology to locate vehicles, personnel and equipment.

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is truly an open system; it can be integrated with other applications and systems using Mobilaris API´s. Built on top of web-technology, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence system can easily be deployed on any kind of PC, tablet or mobile device. It is designed to be used by everyone, on every level and every assignment in and outside the mine. Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is developed in collaboration with LKAB and Boliden and is now used by both companies. For more information, contact Hans Wahlquist. Read more about Mining and Industrial Intelligence here.