Mobilaris National Security becomes Xolaris Civil Security


As until today,  Mobilaris National Security has been an affiliated part of the Mobilaris Group, providing solutions to authorities all around world keeping citizens safe. Now Mobilaris National Security has been separated from the Mobilaris Group to become an independent company with a new company name and brand – Xolaris Civil Security. With the new name, new brand and new independency a more suitable platform has been created for further product development, as well as bringing the history and experience into the future.  

“To save lives is, and has always been, the common denominator across all subsidiaries within the Mobilaris Group. We will continue doing so as Xolaris, and in these challenging times, the need has never been greater. Threats against society come in many different forms – endangering everyday life and public freedom. During our 20 years as Mobilaris National Security, we have grown our business worldwide, helping authorities to keep citizens safe and prevent criminal activities. With the same owners we secure sustainability and trust. We will with increased focus continue strengthening our solutions, to bring ourselves and our customers into the future of civil security.” says Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO of Xolaris Civil Security. 

“The development and growth of Mobilaris group has been heavily dependent on reuse of  the competence between our different subsidiaries. With growth new challenges occurs but also new opportunities. Today the size and the market for both Xolaris and Mobilaris makes it possible to do a split which is logical when markets and business logics are very different. Our view is that this move will make both companies more focused and efficient.“ says Mikael Nyström, CEO, Mobilaris Group.