New technologies and new partnerships


New technologies and new partnerships

One of the core pillars of Mobilaris is technology leadership, that is, mastering the latest technologies in our domain and being able to deploy them in our products giving more value to our customers. This is a key part of our long-term strategy and we use that in all our businesses, every day, making high performance effortless. For 2021, we continue to invest heavily in R&D to take our offerings one step further and there are two areas which are in particular focus; next generation communication technologies such as 5G and Wifi 6, and AI.

5G Technologies and cellular IoT

Entering 5G, Mobilaris is building a new device using 5G technologies which will be put in use in a new offering for Mobilaris Industrial Solutions. By leveraging these new technologies (and much more we will talk about at a later stage!) we will bring digital workforce safety in Industry 4.0 to all our customers. In order to secure this new device being truly world-class in terms of safety, performance and resilience, we have partnered with Sigma Connectivity and Ericsson to leverage their expertise in this domain and we are the first company to use the new reference cellular IoT design from Ericsson, Ardesco.

5G and cellular IoT are technologies that will open up new possibilities, but they need connection to existing public mobile networks, or private networks. Therefore, Mobilaris has partnered with Telia to bring our new solution to the market. Earlier this fall, we joined their 5G program as a new member and after that, we have also secured a commercial partnership enabling us both to bring our solutions to the market while at the same time tailor our use of the Telia network to maximize performance and efficiency.

Wifi 6

Another key technology for next generation communication solutions is Wifi 6. Mobilaris has been deploying Wifi based solutions for many years and 2021 represents no change in that. Many of our customers have Wifi networks and we are continuing to invest in this technology to secure our capability to meet all customer demands and to innovate leveraging the new additions coming in Wifi 6, 6E and beyond. In this regard, we are happy to announce our partnership with Aruba. Our combined solutions will bring best-in-class, real-time situational awareness to industry customers around the globe.

Artificial Intelligence

Finally, AI is something no company with ambitions in the digital domain can ignore and Mobilaris is no exception to this. We have already deployed our Mobilaris Onboard product in several mines across the globe and at its core; machine learning is creating values for our customers which would not have been possible just a few years ago. Moving ahead, we are continuing to invest in AI to further accelerate our products and solutions and we expect to announce several new research partnerships here within the near future, keep tuned in!


About our technology investments, contact:

Daniel Enström, CTO Mobilaris Group
+46 70 605 53 55

Workforce Safety Industry 4.0, contact:

Andreas Ericson, CEO Mobilaris Industrial Solutions
+46 72 150 80 44