Now hiring: Software developers_


Mobilaris is a world-leading provider of software solutions for position-based decision support that increases efficiency and saves lives.

Driven by innovation, we strive toward developing unique products in tight-knit teams, in direct and continuous contact with our clients. Our base of operations is our head office in Luleå, Sweden, but with many international parners, clients and customers, assignments may include travel. We continue to accumulate more clients and projects, and we now need 5 additional developers to keep up with demand.

We are looking for individuals who have a personal desire for software design and are adept at Java; people who understand databases and user interface design and development for laptops and tablets; men and women who have the ability to think innovatively on behalf of both Mobilaris and our clients.

Recently graduated or highly experienced, man or woman — ultimately, it will be your personality and mindset that determines if you are the person we are looking for.


Please contact:
Mikael Nyströ +46 70 524 65 86 or
Urban Sandlund, +46 70 524 65 84

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