Outstanding Results from Ventilation on Demand at Boliden Mines

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Boliden reveals outstanding savings from their Ventilation on Demand solution. The solution is based upon the geofence functionality in Mobilaris Mining Intelligence and the ABB 800XA DCS. It is very easy and fast to setup for new ventilation areas as the production continues. As soon as Mobilaris Mining Intelligence detects the presence of a mining vehicle or machinery in the ventilation area, it signals the ABB 800XA that calculates the right amount of air and controls the fans.

From recent measurements, Boliden shows a 54% decrease of the energy cost for ventilation plus an additional 21% decrease of the energy cost to heat the air in cold climate.

For more information, contact: 
Hans Wahlquist, +46 70 5348862 at Mobilaris or
Jonas Burman, +46 73 0670957 at Boliden