Success for Mobilaris Community Information Warning System that save lives during Australia bush-fire


Mobilaris Community Information Warning System (aka Emergency Alert) is now fully operational in Australia, helping alert citizens and potentially saving lives during life-threatening bush fires in Australia. Mobilaris has provided Telstra Australia with their first advanced system for managing and sending  location-based emergency alert SMS messages to people in danger areas. Australia’s emergency alert system has “performed well” in Victoria during this month’s bushfires, according to the Victoria Office of the Emergency Services Commissioner (OESC). “Emergency Alert has been used extensively during the recent emergencies in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia,” an OESC spokeswoman told Computerwold Australia. Victoria successfully used the emergency alert system at 10 emergency incidents during this month’s bushfires, she said.

The system can send up to 500 text messages per second and 1000 voice messages per minute to people in the vincinity of an emergency such as a bushfire. The OESC spokeswoman said the location-based upgrade to the emergency alert system has been a success since its launch on 20 November last year. Since the enhancement, “more than 160 emergency campaigns have been created with nearly 600,000 SMS sent via Telstra’s location based system,” she said.

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