The keys to successful implementation of new technology at Gold Fields


The keys to successful implementation of new technology

In 2018, Gold Fields launched an extensive five-year modernization program for the Granny Smith Mine, an underground gold mine located 740 km northeast of Perth, Western Australia.  The first phase’s ambition is to ensure cost-efficiency, productivity, and a safe work environment by integrating data-driven solutions into the mine.

In a previously published interview with Michael Place, Mine Manager at the Granny Smith Mine, he shared information about the results the gold mine has experienced by implementing new technology with regards to efficiency, productivity, and a safe work environment. However, implementing new technology successfully requires more than just great technology. It is also about getting people along in the change process and having the right resources and approach to lead the change. 

Michael Place, about getting people onboard


  • By not engaging all the personnel in the technical project, and not showing them the benefit and what it is going to do for them, the project won’t succeed. So having a very clear and concise well forth out communication strategy is really going to assist the success on the organisation program, says Michael Place, Mine Manager at Granny Smith Mine.

Michael about implementation, resources and choosing the right solutions

  • We want to remove fear and fear of change. Actually people don’t like change, especially in the mine environment. It has been consisting for a long time.  We are trying to make it safer, more efficient and better for our own people by introducing this organisation program. 

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