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Just face it, it is the face utilization that matters. Underground mining is a complex process with many logistical challenges. It is not unusual that people are wasting time searching for machines, searching for pieces of equipment, waiting at traffic congestions in narrow tunnels, waiting for supplies, waiting for transports etc.

At the forefront of Mining Industry innovation, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence represents a better and more efficient way to increase your production and stay ahead of the competition. An intuitive real-time 3D visualization of every tunnel, vehicle, machine, person and equipment within and around the mine together with additional information about shift plans etc. enables an unprecedented opportunity for mining personnel to make the right decisions faster than ever at normal operations as well as during emergency situations.

It is not only about the location of different assets but equally important visualization of integrated (IoT) sensory data, machine status, the shift plan and its progress. All together, these integrations capabilities of Mobilaris Mining Intelligence bring huge values. Some brief examples are:

  • Integration with planning systems highlights production areas, machines or personnel that are behind schedule Bottlenecks can be identified, allowing the operator to solve or handle the problems rapidly and smooth.
  • Integration with machine data from any vendors and visualizing their health and operational status allows improved machine utilization. Further, based on machine data, important production related KPI´s can be obtained to improve operations.
  • Integration with distributed control systems allows automation features such as Ventilation on Demand to be implemented.
  • Integration with various positioning technologies. From legacy systems in older parts of the mine to more state-of-the-art WiFi technology in other parts of the mine and high precision technologies like UWB or others in dedicated hot spots.

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence takes mining safety from medieval times to the space age. According to  Swedish Mine Rescue forces, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence can shorten the time of a rescue operation from 4 to 3 hours. Instead of manually using a radio to get a clear picture of where everybody is, who are safe and who are not safe, now with Mobilaris Mining Intelligence the rescue team gets all information they need already at their arrival to the site.

Installations of Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is really taking off as we speak. It started out at Boliden and LKAB mines. Now all the Boliden mines (incl concentrators and the Aitik Open Pit mine), three underground mines at Barrick USA and one in Barrick Canada as well as test installations at Rio Tinto, Lundin Mining and Agnico Eagle have the system. Additionally, the new big tunnelling project “Förbifart Stockholm” uses the same system for tunnelling safety.

Are you ready for the future of mining? Feel free to contact us at Mobilaris and we´ll do our best to optimize your mine operations.