True digitalization of underground mines enables double-digit productivity increases and safety improvements


“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” -Winston Churchill.

Like the famous words stated by Winston Churchill during WW2, we have only seen the beginning of the effects of mine digitalization. The mine digitalization revolution and the development of technology has and will continue to enable huge improvements for underground mine operations.

This requires a modern and STANDARDIZED infrastructure that will support the digitalization process as well as OPENESS and INTER-OPERABILITY between different systems.

In 2012 we decided to bring our experience from other areas into underground mining. Since then, and inspired by the good initial response, we have continued to learn and respond to the mining industry’s needs. Today, Mobilaris Mining Intelligence is a complete mine management system and an integration engine that delivers true digitalization of underground mines, enabling double-digit productivity increases AND safety improvements to mining customers throughout the world.

Our strategy is to drive productivity and safety improvement side by side, and togehter with our mining customers.

Our first lesson was that every underground mine is unique and the used data communication infrastructure vary a lot between different mines. Many mines have various older, proprietary communication and positioning technologies. For them, getting into the digitalized era requires more modern standardized telecom solutions. Further, some mines will have a a mix of network infrastructure in different areas or levels of a mine. This challenge is met by core expertise at Mobilaris and its technology-agnostic software that integrates with, and gets position data through, any communication technology. This is one of the unique capabilities of the Mobilaris solution.

Discussions and joint thinking with our early customers made it absolutely clear – achieving production efficiency and safer mines places significantly higher demands on information management and the visibility of operations – presenting the information from various sources on the same 3D view of the mine.

All the feedback from our customers tells us that we have introduced transparency and insights which have changed the way a mine is operated. We have improved traffic awareness, individuals can take decisions based on real-time information and the loop between planning and reality has been closed.

Our solution has revolutionized real-time productivity monitoring and enabled better fleet management, with increased systems utilization as a result. Production has increased at the same time as predictability, safety and the quality of emergency evacuation have improved.

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ is used in control rooms and vehicles, by machine operators, miners, planners, dispatchers, executives and safety personnel.

Software is our focus and the approach is to provide openness. That’s why we integrate and inter-operate with both systems and hardware to maximize customer value.

Mobilaris Mining Intelligence™ also includes integration to mixed fleets and other intelligent equipment. And we keep adding more.

The key to successful information management is that participants open up and allow data to be shared and owned by the customer…

and they don’t want to wait – That’s why we continue to integrate and keep the pace.


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