Vale contracts Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering and Epiroc to take digitalization of their mining operations to the next level


Left to Right: Sandesh Patil, Clayton Illsley, Raj Kathal, Marc Pronovost, Chris MacDonell, Richard Deisigner, Brad Atkins, Richard Godin and Ravi Jugran.

Vale, one of the world’s largest global mining companies, has selected Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering and Epiroc as partners to take digitalization to the next level in their Canadian mines by enabling situational awareness for its workforce, equipment and consumables, with the goal of increased safety and operational excellence.

With a mission to transform natural resources into prosperity and sustainable development, Vale has implemented an ambitious digital transformation program within the mining area. The partnership with Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering and Epiroc means that the companies share a common goal of digital transformation and how to enable that transformation.

  • We are very honoured that Vale has chosen us a partner for modernizing their mine operations even further. Vale is a very professional company and has already come far in their digital development. With Mobilaris Mining Intelligence, we can provide digital solutions for smooth and seamless operations that defines safer, more efficient ways of working, says Mikael Nyström, CEO Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering.

The contract includes an integrated solution based on Mobilaris Mining Intelligence (MMI), a product portfolio that provides tools for enhanced safety, efficiency and productivity of mining operations. MMI enables superior situational and positioning awareness and is designed to visualize and support mining operations in all its complexity, in real-time. To increase efficiency and close the loop between planning and reality, functions such as shift planning, scheduling, task information and reporting are included.

With a completely technology-agnostic approach with regards to different systems and infrastructure, the MMI-platform is built on top of whatever infrastructure currently exists. There is an automated and highly scalable process for this purpose. This technology-agnostic approach is important when developing network connectivity underground for location determination and situational awareness. Vale recently began implementing an LTE infrastructure underground and network connectivity, regardless of the technology, is crucial.

  • Safety along with operational excellence is a top priority for us here at Vale. And towards the same, we are glad to announce the partnership with Mobilaris/Epiroc to advance and augment our digital capabilities in situational awareness. We look forward to increased collaboration and innovation around these critical spaces to make progress in creating the mine of the future, says Brad Atkins, Vale Digital Transformation Program Manager.
  • We are honoured and privileged to continue on this technology-focused journey with Vale. With their continued trust in Epiroc and Vale’s commitment towards our Mobilaris solution, it further solidifies our strong relationship and shared vision of a safe, sustainable and optimized underground mining operation,” says Jason Smith, General Manager Epiroc Canada.

For more information, please contact: 

Bengt Jonsson, Vice President Sales Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering.
Phone: +46 72 529 87 37

Ken Schroeder, P.Eng. Product Manager Digitalization, Epiroc Canada
Phone: +1 905 301 9467