Webinar: Digitalization enables the next level of workforce safety

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Make reality of the zero accidents vision.

Join our webinar about the next level of workforce safety. 

The common denominator for many industrial companies is the zero accident vision. How far have we come? How safe could your workforce be? How can you develop the safety of your industrial site further?

Many industries share the same safety challenges and are working hard towards a zero accidents vision. As we all know, things do not always happen according to plan and sometimes we need to make important decisions without being able to see the whole picture.

On June 16th, Mobilaris Industrial Solutions invites you to join a webinar about how new technology can enable the next level of workforce safety and close the gap between plan and reality.

– The impact of workforce related accidents
– A zero accident vision – is it possible?
– Disruptive digital solutions, examples from the industry about how new technology makes a difference.
– How can you get started?

Date: June 16th 2020
Time: At 14-14.30 (CET)


About the speakers


Viktor Linde, Business Development Manager
Mobilaris Industrial Solutions

Viktor Linde, M.Sc Industrial Engineering, has many years of experience from various global industries such as construction, med-tech and the food process industry.

In close collaboration with many leading industrial companies, from steel and paper factories to oil refineries, Viktor has successfully developed digital customer specific solutions that minimize workplace accidents and increase efficiency.


Andreas Ericson, CEO
Mobilaris Industrial Solutions

Andreas Ericson has more than 15 years of experience from leading positions in the Telecom/IT/Finance sector and long experience of working in management teams, steering committees and boards.

Andreas knows the safety challenges of various industry’s very well. He has been a popular speaker on the topic at many conferences, seminares and exhibitions.