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Written by Hans Wahlquist, VP Strategic Product Management and Business Development at Mobilaris Mining & Civil Engineering

An ordinary day in a modern Swedish mine



Personally, I value days in underground mines over all days at the office. The unique cooperation between Mobilaris and Boliden allows us to create innovations beyond imagination by combining the latest technology with the experience from highly developed mines. Take a few seconds and watch the short video I took with my smartphone at my latest visit at Boliden.

It’s just one ordinary day at the Swedish Boliden Kristineberg mine. A truck driver drives her fully loaded truck up the ramp. At the same time, a colleague to her that comes down the ramp in an empty truck suddenly turns right and parks his truck in a parking bay. Just as a perfectly timed dancing act, the two trucks pass each other. There is no stress, no fuzz and the radio is almost completely silent.

Unplanned stops in the production’s critical haulage operations, that not long ago was a natural part of a working shift, has now almost completely vanished. Stress levels has gone down, machines are handled gentler.

Does this sound like magic? Does this sound like a dream? Is this the result of some expensive space technology sophisticated traffic management solution that analyzes the traffic in real-time using artificial intelligence and sends out traffic orders to drives?

No, in fact it is a solution that makes use of the already existing human intelligence of the everyday miner. The only magic is the addition of the Mobilaris Onboard™ system that has given the drivers an augmented superpower to be able to see through the rock and be aware of meeting vehicles and machines a long time in advance. The decisions are all human and they are made in nano seconds. The decisions are always the drivers but with the Traffic Awareness from Mobilaris Onboard™, things have simply gone to the next level.

Does this sound appealing to you? If so, don’t hesitate and let us help you get to the next level of productivity and safety.

Written by Hans Wahlquist +46 70 534 88 62